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SmartPrice Sales & Marketing designs and offers Extreme Value Retailers a range of perishable and 

non-perishable food products that meet the consumers' desire for variety and quality, thus leading to 
increased revenue and profit for the retailer, and satisfaction of the consumer.

What is Extreme Value Retailing {EVR}?
Once considered only a location for close-outs, overstocks and dented cans, Extreme Value Retail 
Stores are increasingly seen as a place to find exceptional value with exceptional prices.  
Discounters, including super centers and mass merchants, have rapidly expanded throughout the 
United States during the last decade.

Today, there are nearly 25,000 EVR stores producing $41 billion in sales in the United States alone! 
By the year 2018, there are expected to be 46,000 EVR stores and sales will nearly triple to $84 billion!



Manufacturers: Why work with SmartPrice?


SmartPrice has established key relationships with Extreme Value industry leaders giving us significant market access. Through our market access, SmartPrice products are presented to every major dollar store or chain through an in-person presentation within 30 days, giving your product timely national, and international exposure.


Distributor SmartPrice Advantage

How can you, the Distributor, benefit from working with SmartPrice Sales & Marketing?
Besides our direct "Market Access" to the key Extreme Value industry decision makers, we also have access to real-time emerging trends and monitor under-served product categories in order to:

  • Formulate products to give consumers a "WOW!" effect, resulting in increased profits for both retailer and distributor.
  • By having visibility to the entire supply chain we are able to raise visibility, therefore revenue, in under-served product categories.
  • Maintain visibility to New Emerging Trends, in order to properly position new and under-served categories to the Value Shopping Consumers.

The growing network of Retailers, Brokers, Distributors and Manufacturers, and the Extreme Value Industry know-how, you can count on SmartPrice Sales & Marketing to take your business to new heights.

Sales Rep/Broker

SmartPrice Food Broker Advantage

What's in it for you?

  • Leverage our market access to Extreme Value Manufacturer relationships of emerging and under-served products.
  • Grow your product offering to new and existing customers.
  • Receive a continuous stream of new opportunities with products customers want to buy.
  • Become a part of the SmartPrice network, a leader in the consistently growing Extreme 
    Value Retailer Industry.
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